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Leave Your Winter Clothes Behind

Mara Chui Resort is an eco-friendly camp located in the heart of Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. The camp makes optimal use of available natural resources with respect to the authenticity of the Maasai community to provide a condusive environment for the locals, tourists and the natural habitat.

The facility utilizes solar energy for lighting and water heating which has minimal emissions to the environment. Waste generated from the camp is processed to generate energy for cooking among other use. Mara Chui has a borehole for cpnstant supply of water in the camp and also the neighboring communities.

The staff and community at Mara Chui Resort are informed on the importance of conserving their natural heritage and ecosystem. Tourists also appreciate that the future existence of the wildlife is a collective responsibility of all the stakeholders.

The serene beauty of Mara, the natural cooling from the trees makes Mara Chui Resort an ideal getaway. The main points should be around the ones below:

1. Tourist satisfaction
2. Promote sustainable development
3. Awareness
4. Conserve cultural heritage and values
5. Create socio-economic benefits to the locals
6. Protect the wildlife (flora and fauna)
7. Also need at least the number of people the camp can hold


Mara Chui Resort offers accommodation in single rooms featuring single bed, twin rooms featuring 2 beds and family rooms - suitable for a family of three with young baby below 12years of age....

Reservations Call: +254 715 107 246
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  • 30 km from Masai Mara National Park
  • More than 35 Units Accommodating More Than 70 Guests
  • Free WiFi is offered and Hot shower
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